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Wikidata: The world’s knowledge at your fingertips

May 13, 2020

Wikidata is a community project with the goal to store all of the world’s knowledge in a machine readable format. This data can be viewed, edited and -most excitingly - queried by everyone. In this talk I will show how the Wikidata Query Interface allows us to ask questions about the world around us and can help us explore these with automatic interactive visualisations.

To do so, I will introduce the Wikidata project and explain how data is modelled in it. With this knowledge we will go on to learn about the SPARQL query language which allows us to write queries to Wikidata. We can then use the Wikidata Query Builder which is an online interface that turns queries into timelines, tables and other interactively explorable visualisations.

What kinds of queries can we expect? The world’s biggest cities with a female mayor. A map of German election districts coloured by winning party (or gender, or age, …). An interactive timeline of politicians who became federal ministers. Handball player nick names… (Almost) everything is possible with Wikidata!

Presenter: Knut Hühne

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