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A brief tour of next-gen JavaScript build tools

April 22, 2021
Getting a modern JS project from git to running in a terminal takes ages. There is the installation of dependencies, running the server, running the bundler, maybe a type-checker, the CSS pipeline. There are watchers watching watchers, and the whole thing makes both my head and your computer's fans spin. The setup is yet more complex once you start adding multiple projects in one codebase, when you think of Server-Side Rendering and so on.
This delay has a real impact on people being able to contribute to the codebase, especially when it comes to iterative UI work. Trying to make things faster in the current (by some definition) model hits diminishing returns, and takes active time and budget to do right. For example, over three years Fotis has reworked his current project's pipeline four times, and while it was faster each time, it still can be a challenge!
In this talk, Fotis tries a different approach. He will give you a brief tour of modern tools that rethink how dependencies are bundled in development, and the very real gains that they offer.
Presenter: Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos

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