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A beginners guide to OpenID Connect

July 2, 2021
Lessons Learned from moving futuLog to Okta
In 2020, we built futuLog, an internal tool to help us manage the office usage during the pandemic. With futuLog, employees can book a slot at the office to make sure they'll have space with the pandemic restrictions. 
We decided early on that eventually we want to open source futuLog. But making something open source takes more than just changing the repository to public. What use would futuLog be to others if it required Futurice infrastructure to actually run?
For instance, to build futuLog quickly we used playswarm, an internal environment that takes care of authentication and hosting. While the hosting part is easy, having single sign on for all Futurice employees is not.
So as a step towards open sourcing it, Jan spent the last month implementing and debugging the OpenID connect protocol that allows futuLog to talk to Okta and similar identity services directly. This talk is a collection of lessons learned in the journey that took Jan from knowing nothing about OpenID, to deploying it to production.
Presenter: Jan van Brügge

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