Futurice Tech Weeklies

Audio side project featuring FAUST and NI Reaktor 6 (Audio Only)

September 24, 2019

As the co-host of the Composing Code podcast I have been exploring the realm of audio plugin coding and prototyping in a spice sponsored side project. In this talk I will show you how the MOTM-120 Sub Octave Multiplexer Modular Synth Module works. Then I will share how I prototyped and expanded on the idea using NI Reaktor 6 Blocks (a signal flow based programming language and UI for musical instruments).

Then I will introduce you to the basics of FAUST (a functional programming language for audio) and share my current progress. At the end there will be a live demo in the browser how you can get started with your own audio projects and experiments. Which the end result can be used almost anywhere including c, audio unit and vat plugins, unity and even JavaScript web apps.

Presenter - James Stone

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